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With the Social Value Act coming to prominence in 2012 and the recent Government proposal of a 10% weighting towards social value on all future tenders, it has never been more important to be able to effectively measure and report on the social value added by your business.

Consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on how to positively impact their communities and the wider environment. Measuring your social value contribution and effectively reporting on this will allow your organisation to gain a competitive edge, as well as help to drive smarter, well-informed and ethically driven strategic decisions.

This course outlines the principles of social value and will help you to develop a greater depth of awareness, knowledge and practical skills to help you embed social value within your organisation and display to your customers that you champion a culture of social responsibility and positive impact. Learn how to take into account the triple bottom line and commit your organisation to focusing on social and environmental concerns, whilst simultaneously driving value and profits.

 About The Trainer: Richard Dickins
Richard is the Managing Director of the Social Value Business and considered a leading subject matter expert on Social Value in the UK. Richard draws upon over 20 years of private, public and third sector experience. Richard holds a belief that any organisation can be values-led and create social value in their operational activities. He has supported over 90 clients to research, evaluate, report, manage and grow their social impact value. He has uncovered over £450m of hidden financial value and has authored more than 30 social value reports.