Preparing for a Post-COVID 19 Workplace: 6 Essential Skills and Behaviours

The nature of work is entering a ‘new normal’ and the pandemic has maintained the need for employee upskilling in new skills and new behaviours.  Currently, the future remains uncertain and whilst some countries in the world are slowly starting to return to normality, other areas are just feeling the impact. Recovery will come. So, what are the skills that we gain now that prepares us best to come back stronger than ever as a workforce?

  1. The Future is Technology

The pandemic has accelerated the need to harbor technology and digital skills to allow people to do their jobs remotely.  Encouraging digital skills during and post-COVID 19 will give employees and organisations creativity, resilience, and collaboration. If regional disparities remain and COVID-19 remains an active threat in certain areas, people will still need to be able to carry out their jobs and collaborate at a distance.

The reality is that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics and virtual reality will help organisations deal with future crises and pandemics and put organisations in a good position.

  1. Thinking Creatively

The experience of a global pandemic has shown businesses the importance of being able to adapt – whether this is by changing their product to match market needs or by making services accessible virtual. This ability to innovate and think outside of the box will be critical in any workplace post-COVID 19 to ensure organisations can begin to rebuild and drive growth.

  1. Flexibility

It is no doubt that the way organisations operate is going to be different post-pandemic. The job market is likely to have fewer ‘lifelong’ jobs available, therefore those who adapt to an ever-changing workplace and continuously refreshing their skills will be more likely to succeed.

  1. Critical Reasoning

In recent times, the world has seen a spike in fake news, differing facts and opinions and misinterpretations of data. In events such as a pandemic, it is usual for there to be regularly shifting statements and opinions as governments and countries try to shift any blame. Those who can determine and evaluate credible information from varied sources will invaluable. It is now and will continue to be vital for organisations to filter and decide what information they will let inform critical business decisions.

  1. Big Data

By investing in the right data, companies are available to make informed decisions and predict the knock-on effects of any big impact such as a pandemic. Using information from data can highlight business trends and changing customer trends which put companies in good positions if a future crisis may occur. However, harnessing data in such a way requires employees to be equipped with the skills to understand and interpret data to inform such decisions. Employees that have a range of data skills including excel, web and customer analytics and data visualisation will be assets to any organisation going forward.

  1. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership  

Working remotely has shown the importance of strong and directional leaders that can support employees through accelerated change. With social distancing a reality for most and working from home continuing for the foreseeable more people with being placed in positions of leadership. The ability to be emotionally intelligent is crucial especially in times of uncertainty. Understanding, articulating, and having awareness of our own and other people’s emotions is invaluable in all workplace settings.

Those with the ability to support, communicate, lead, and inspire others will continue to be in demand in all industries.

Constantly learning and refreshing skills to keep up with the competitive job market was important before and will remain important post-COVID 19. Thankfully, it is easy than ever to access learning online through various formats.

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