Keeping Fit and Healthy When the Gym Isn’t an Option

If your new year’s resolution was to stay fit, COVID-19 is likely to be slowing your roll in the fitness department. However, the lack of gym access does not need to stop you. So, we have pulled together some tips and tricks to help you stay fit and healthy during isolation.


First things first! Staying fit and healthy doesn’t start at the gym. It starts with what we eat. If you have an unhealthy diet filled with fast food, unbalanced and processed meals then exercising won’t be enough to keep you healthy.

On that note, isolation is the perfect way to kickstart a healthy diet. Panic buying can turn into healthy buying, grabbing any vegetables, fruit and healthy meal plans, stocking up on anything healthy you can. This means that with a fridge full of healthy alternatives, and a house on lock-down, there is no exposure to unhealthy options, giving you the perfect chance to make some healthy meals for everyone in the house.

Furthermore, we are all guilty of snacking when stuck at home, whether we are working or relaxing with a Netflix box set, that packet of crisps seem like an easy way to fill a gap, but now is the time to reach for the carrots and celery, fruit and nuts, choosing healthy alternatives to easy to grab snacks will not only make you feel fuller but also make you feel better for not choosing the easy option.


The gym is a perfect place to get into shape however, with limited access, home alternatives are now the way forward. No access to gym machines? (cross trainer, treadmill, bike) Go for a run! (If you can leave the house) Don’t have your personal trainer to guide your workout? Find online workouts that you can follow in your living room. More ideas below:

  • Challenge yourself to avoid getting bored – it is easy to just sit in front of the TV and not move for 12 hours but this is very boring, instead get online and search for online classes, set workouts and circuits that are easy to do in your living room
  • Don’t do it alone – if you live with friends, family or a partner, get everyone involved in keeping fit, set a routine together for when you will be working together to motivate each other
  • Track your workouts – keep track of what you are doing each day and how it is impacting your body, work out what works for you and what doesn’t to create the best work out for yourself
  • Set goals – don’t just work out aimlessly and not work to make progress, set yourself a weight loss goal each week that you need to achieve or a level of intensity when you workout that you want to achieve.
  • Make exercise important – consider exercising as important as eating and sleeping, it is vital to your body and keeping it running.

It is also important to acknowledge how balanced your exercise routine is. When access to working out is limited, you need to balance out how much cardio, weight, upper body, lower body workouts you do, doing an hour of each a day is a good place to start if you are already relatively active. If not, then limiting yourself to half an hour a day and working your way up from there is a good place to start. This balance will mean that all your body is getting the attention and exercise it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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