Why and How to Outsource the Best Quality Training

The importance of having a proper process for Learning and Development within companies is very often underestimated, and at times like these, investment in human resources and skills through training is one of the crucial engines for growth and social cohesion. It is, for this reason, crucial that all businesses understand the positives of implementing a strategic training scheme for their employees.

We believe that these programmes should be flexible ready-at-hand for when the need arises.

So, how can your organisation get the best quality training with expert trainers at hand?

Well, the best option is outsourcing.

Outsourcing training cuts a whole lot of costs for your organisation, as well as saves you the trouble of researching and putting the time in to find the best teacher and the best tools.

Research has shown that choosing to outsource can save up to 30% on training costs.

Here are the top 5 benefits of outsourcing training

  1. Access to High-Quality content

Great learning service providers have access to the talent and resources necessary to deliver exceptional training without missing a beat. By outsourcing your training, you will be able to tap into all of the resources of your learning and development partner, ensuring quality Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with industry experience and high-quality resources. All these factors contribute to high-quality training content.

  1. Leverage Available Technology

Take advantage of the work of others. An experienced L&D partner can provide turn-key solutions like access to systems, content and more. This means a more cost-effective option

  1. Mitigate Risk

Putting a high-quality course together takes time, money, but especially a few tries to get it right. Skip this step and choose a specialised training provider that will tailor the best agenda with the best trainer to your exact needs.

  1. Improve scalability of resources

What does this mean?

Running an internal training organisation requires people of various levels of skills and talent. Full-time employees are a fixed cost, but L&D partners are flexible.

Using external suppliers allows you to deliver the training you need when you need it. With the possibility of scaling up and down based on the demand of training needed.

  1. Align learning and Development

The development, management, and delivery of training can sometimes be misaligned to critical business priorities. Your staff may be learning skills that are not immediately useful in their current roles or to the goals of the business. Partnering with an experienced L&D company should provide you with strategic guidance to eliminate unnecessary or redundant training and focus on what’s a priority with a positive impact on the business. Aligning with a flexible partner can ensure that your training programs are targeting current gaps.

So now we know the benefits, but how do you find the right L&D partner? With long lists of training providers online, this is not an easy task…

A Guide to Find the Best Training Provider for Your Company (in 7 simple steps)

  1. Testimonials

Always request or look for past experiences and opinions on the company.

  1. Qualifications/Certifications

Are the courses certified? Are they approved by a Trade Body? Qualified and experienced instructors who deliver training to recognised guidelines or standards ( or based on cited evidence ) is in a better position to deliver credible, professional training to a higher quality than a large business who flaunt the rules to cut costs and ensure all of their candidates pass.  Regardless of how many logos are on their website or certificates

  1. Scan the website

Websites are the first impression you will have on the company. This should be sleek with absolutely no typos or spelling mistakes. Poor literacy skills are not a good advert. A bad website reflects a low-quality provider. Beware of error messages, mobile phones and Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.

  1. Content

Learning and development providers should be experts in the area and have a passion for providing successful training solutions. Look for what type of content they have available and if that suits your company. Check if the provider offers In-House courses and if they tailor the agenda to your specific learning gaps. These are cost-effective options for companies that have a group of staff in need of the same training.

  1. Support

When dealing with your organisation’s training, it is essential to find the right agenda for your needs. Check if these companies have dedicated account managers that can help you find the best solution for your problems.

  1. Trainers

Look for the trainers used by the company. They should be experts in 2 specific fields:

Technical Expertise: the trainer needs the knowledge – and hands-on experience – to be able to answer questions confidently and to express ideas or techniques in different ways to different people.

Teaching Experience: not everyone can be a teacher, and just because someone has many diplomas, that does not mean they will be able to teach you. Teaching experience and communication skills are important!

  1. Price

As a rule, you do get what you pay for.  This is certainly true with low-cost options. The only way a provider who is drastically cheaper than their competitors can sustain a profit is by cutting their costs on things like large class sizes, poor resources, poor quality equipment, etc. You will leave with the same certificate as someone who went elsewhere but will you be able to apply your new skills to the same standard?

This rule does not automatically apply conversely:  The most expensive does not necessarily mean the best. If one provider is significantly more expensive than the others you should be able to find out why very quickly.  If they offer a unique experience or legitimate benefit it may be worth the extra cost.

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