Secrets to Success for Women in Finance

The ‘Women in Finance Charter’ asks financial services firms to commit to implement 4 key industry actions.

With over 350 firms of all shapes and sizes across financial services signed up to the ‘Women in Finance Charter’ which supports the progression of women into senior roles, is this the time for women to thrive in finance?

While politicians and, increasingly, employers recognise that gender should be no barrier to career progression, women continue to be underrepresented at senior levels particularly in the UK financial services and banking sector.

In order to achieve your full potential as a woman in finance, how do you hone and develop your self-awareness, confidence, assertiveness, courage and influencing skills to progress?

Have an objective

Do you know you want to work in a certain area, or is pay a bigger driver for you? Maybe you know you want to work or develop further in management and would like to tailor your responsibilities to give you more experience in this area?

Clearly define your objectives so you know where you are trying to reach. This will help you measure progress for yourself and allow you to recognise and communicate your achievements and gained skills much easier in appraisals.

If you discuss these objectives with your employer at the beginning, it can help you when the time comes for a promotion.

Don’t be afraid to ask

More and more women in the financial services and banking industry are choosing to engage with a coach or mentor. Usually this will be someone in a more senior position within the industry who can give guidance on how they achieved their career goals and practical advice for you as a professional.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to mentor you. They will be flattered. And if they don’t have capacity to coach you at this time they may have recommendations of someone that could.

Communication is key

Communicate confidently with your colleagues about work you are doing so everyone knows what is needed. Be open about areas you may need help with, and be willing to help others on work when you can.

Effective communication within a team can help the whole team work more cohesively and progress towards a common goal. This will not only help the team stand out, but also you as an individual.

With the right outlook, any challenge can present an opportunity. So, how can women in financial services be more powerful and influential in getting their voices heard and their ideas accepted at work?  

Speak to other powerful women in the industry

To know and hear out loud that other women all feel the same usually has an incredibly liberating effect on the women involved, resulting in greater confidence both in the workplace and out of it.

Attend our ‘Confident Communication for Women in Finance’ training course to network with like-minded professionals and learn to communicate using transformative performance-based techniques, involving body, breath and voice to develop greater flexibility and choice in how you react and respond in an environment dominated by male leaders.

Explore interchanging between different communication styles and language choices to assist you in communicating assertively, from a position of personal power, knowledge and confidence.

The future of women in finance

Despite slow progress, the future of women in finance is bright and promising. Women are forming alliances to make a change and pave the way for more women to become senior leaders.


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