Why Choose In-House Training?

When we talk about In-House training for companies and businesses, what does this actually involve? The term ‘In-House’ is defined as the internal processes of any organisation carried out by its internal staff members.

Selecting an effective external training course for your team or colleagues can be a difficult and expensive process. External training courses work for many organisations however, In-House training has a certain appeal to due to its efficient way for managers to gain information and the relevant skills needed to improve their job roles.

In-House training is personal and specific to each individual company as external trainers are able to create bespoke training programmes that address the organisations initial requirements as well as areas that may require improvement. Let’s take a look below at the reasons below why you should choose In-House training for your company.


It can always be a challenging task to organise external training for a group who have their own timetables and responsibilities. Hosting a course In-House at your office is convenient as employees know exactly where to travel to. It’s also a comfortable and familiar environment that will make employees more open to learning.


If your company is sending multiple employees to an external training course, it’s a more cost-effective option to bring the training course to your organisation. The cost per head will be surprisingly lower as hosting a training course In-House eliminates travel and potential accommodation costs.

Bespoke Agenda

The beauty of hosting a training course In-House at your organisation allows you to create a bespoke agenda that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements. A bespoke agenda can improve a company’s current skill set whilst also addressing areas that need improvement. Course trainers will be able to provide individual feedback in order to produce the best course outcome.

Team Building

Encouraging teamwork amongst a room of work colleagues from different departments allows fresh ideas to be shared successfully in a social learning environment. Working collaboratively also increases awareness and understanding each colleague’s role, developing a friendly work environment.

Quality Trainers

Training providers are able to provide an expert trainer who has specialised within a certain field that will create and facilitate the training for your organisation. External trainers have relevant experience, who will also know exactly how to get the most out of a team, instead of a senior manager conducting training within the same organisation.

Are you looking for an In-House training option? Bringing your team together for a group training In-House event is a great team building exercise, and UMG Training works closely with you to develop a bespoke training agenda that is completely tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

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